Basta col Parmigiano!

A travers le monde, la cuisine italienne est connue pour ses pâtes garnies de parmesan. En Italie, par contre, la région où vous êtes et l’ingrédient principal déterminent la garniture. Une chose est certaine, du Nord au Sud, si vous manger une pâte au poisson, “Niente parmigiano”! Simple et important, la délicatesse de la mer …


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Gambero rosso!

Working in italian food and traveling to Italy, I always search for new products, variety of produce and dishes to try. I also search for the taste of the “materia prima”, to then help me find the alternative when I go back home to Montreal. During my last trip to Sicily, I discovered the gambero … Continue reading Gambero rosso!

A month in Piemonte

I try to go to Italy as often as I can (and that my bank account lets me)! This time, I’ve decided to spend more time to travel around certain regions in search of their food specialties and regional products. Whether food, wine, dishes made in the region, I wanted to taste and experience them. I … Continue reading A month in Piemonte

Finally got a minute!

I’ve been visiting Italy for a few weeks with no time to upload my texts on the blog. Today’s my chance as it’s pouring rain in Palermo since this morning. Yes, I write with pen and paper first, for the sole purpose that I think it is becoming obsolete and find it more personal to … Continue reading Finally got a minute!

Got some news!!

I haven’t written in some time. As the blog is mostly a place where I share my experiences when I am not at work, behind the stoves. Here’s what’s been happening;  I am now chef at a mediterranean restaurant called L’Alexia, in a neighborhood called Ahuntsic, in Montreal, this is where I’ve been spending most … Continue reading Got some news!!