Basta col Parmigiano!

A travers le monde, la cuisine italienne est connue pour ses pâtes garnies de parmesan. En Italie, par contre, la région où vous êtes et l’ingrédient principal déterminent la garniture. Une chose est certaine, du Nord au Sud, si vous manger une pâte au poisson, “Niente parmigiano”! Simple et important, la délicatesse de la mer … Continue reading Basta col Parmigiano!

A month in Piemonte

I try to go to Italy as often as I can (and that my bank account lets me)! This time, I’ve decided to spend more time to travel around certain regions in search of their food specialties and regional products. Whether food, wine, dishes made in the region, I wanted to taste and experience them. I … Continue reading A month in Piemonte

Parabere Forum 2015

This past March, I have had the honor and opportunity to receive an invitation to the Parabere Forum, which took place in Bilbao, Spain. It is Maria Canabal, a gastronomy journalist and author, who took the initiative to assemble a few hundred women from around the world, involved in gastronomy and the food culture in … Continue reading Parabere Forum 2015